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Sustainable living with a positive impact on your environment.

Energy-efficient homes

In the woods near Eindhoven, 82 new homes will be built. Ranging from well-designed terraced houses to luxury villas.

Natuurrijk is for everyone. The development plan encompasses a wide range variety of houses in different price ranges. Natuurrijk caters to diverse preferences with its assortment of plot sizes and orientations. Emphasizing sustainability, most of the homes will be energy-neutral, while some will go even further by generating energy.


8 climate-positive Natuurhuizen

Our Natuurhuizen (Nature Houses) are a separate project within this development. Eight unique homes, built with natural materials and entirely focused on sustainability.

These nature-inclusive homes store net CO2 and generate more energy than they use. In other words: next-level sustainable.

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Living in harmony with nature

Sustainable living in the Eindhoven region


Surrounded by nature, in the Eindhoven region

Natuurrijk brings nature’s beauty to your home. Walk through beautiful forests, across vast moorlands and past natural fens.

In and around Heeze, you will find peace and quiet, but also schools, supermarkets, restaurants and cafes and plenty of opportunities for exercise.

Want to visit the city? Take your bike, car, or the train to visit the dynamic city of Eindhoven.


A positive impact on people and the environment

Natuurrijk gives you energy. All houses produce energy and have very high energy performance.

Sustainability goes beyond a low energy bill. We embrace nature. We build in a responsible and environmentally conscious way. Because we believe living could be conscious, green, and sustainable. 


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Natuurrijk's Offer


Offer: 82 houses of various segments

Living space: 87 - 183 m²

Plot area: 83 - 450 m²