Inspired and connected to nature.

Our homes in Heeze literally produce energy. In this new-build project, property developer Ballast Nedam Development pays a lot of attention to sustainability. For instance, most of the houses are energy-neutral and some generate as much energy as they use. You can use this green energy to charge your electric car, for instance. Good for the environment and pleasant for your wallet. An extra plus: if you buy an energy-neutral house, you have more mortgage space!

Sustainable living and conscious living.

Sustainable living starts with conscious living. This, in turn, is linked to making responsible choices. At Natuurrijk, we look beyond low energy consumption. We take account of circularity, nature inclusiveness and biodiversity. For example, we incorporate bird nesting boxes in the façade in cooperation with the Bird Protection Society. After all, a green environment leads to healthy and happy people and animals. 

Natuurhuis: ready for a sustainable future.

Do you want to live in the most sustainable terraced house of the Netherlands? Within Natuurrijk, we develop eight homes with a completely positive climate impact. Our Natuurhuizen are built from natural, regrowable materials, also known as 'bio-based materials', such as wood and straw. This ensures a healthy indoor climate and is good for the planet. Up to 90 tonnes of CO2 are stored in the materials of a Natuurhuis. The design caters a green façade, a green roof and a solar roof. A sustainable future starts with yourself. 

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Sustainable living

Sustainable living with a positive impact on your surroundings. It is possible at Natuurrijk Heeze.

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