1st of November start sales phase 1

The sale of the first houses in Natuurrijk is about to start! Beautiful Dutch architecture, large gardens and a perfect location. The plan features a diverse range in several price categories. Natuurrijk offers the popular combination of rural living, a village atmosphere and urban comfort.

Registration for building numbers 60-74 is possible until 16 November
Registration for construction numbers 31-34 and 54-59 is possible until 30 November

Everyone is welcome

Natuurrijk offers something for every lifestyle and culture. The plan has a rich and diverse offer, including houses for sale in various price ranges, with varying plot sizes and orientations. Think of extremely affordable homes to luxury villas built on a large plot. Sustainability is a top priority for all these homes: most will be energy-neutral, and some will even be energy-producing. A defining feature of every home for sale in Natuurrijk is its location surrounded by nature but right next to the city. Everything is possible in Natuurrijk.

Some opportunities rarely come along

It is wonderful to live in Heeze. Here you can walk through beautiful forests, over vast heaths and along natural fens. Yet you are in Eindhoven within 20 minutes by train or car.


Do you want to live in a Nature house?

The first eight Nature Houses reside in the characteristic Brabant village of Heeze. Surrounded by agricultural areas, forests and heathlands, here you experience the feeling of the free life every day. At the same time, the vibrant city of lights Eindhoven is just around the corner.

These homes are a blend of thoughtful design for people, animals, and nature. Crafted from natural materials like wood and straw, they surpass sustainability, producing 110% of their energy needs (net-zero home + 10% extra). A green roof and facade seamlessly connect you to nature. Here, all comfort and quality requirements are ensured. The Nature House isn't just a home; it's a space to create lasting memories with family and like-minded neighbours.

At The Nature House, we are realizing tomorrow's sustainable dream today. Can you imagine it: living in the most sustainable row house in the Netherlands, amid the peace and quiet of Heeze, where you have everything you need to live well? Great, then we might be looking for you: apply now!

Because The Nature House is such an exclusive and unique concept where the ultimate living happiness of the residents is central, we pay extra attention to the selection of buyers. Therefore, we are looking for residents who want to live sustainably and comfortably. We want to create a great community together. For this we ask you to send a motivation with your registration. Let us know why you (with or without your partner or family) want to live in the most sustainable row house in the Netherlands, why you fit this unique concept, what you can contribute to your neighbour and what your perfect day in your new home looks like.

More information?

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